Askari Marine Insurance

Looking for reliable marine insurance coverage and risk mitigation?? Askari Marine is the answer

Charting the Uncharted Territories

Owing to decades of experience, Askari Marine Insurance professionals know the needs of ocean goings and the inlands.

Askari Marine Insurance provides coverage against vessel, cargo as well as various liability risks.

Count on Askari Marine’s flexible coverage programs, tailored for you!

Marine Cover Type

Marine Cargo Insurance

No matter who you are- a manufacturer, trader or a transporter Askari Marine Cargo Insurance can help you navigate risks seamlessly

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Marine Liability Risks

Obtain peace of mind through various Askari Marine Liability Covers. We provide cover against specified form of liability that could arise during the course of any operation of the cargo/hull owners or any related service provider.

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Marine Hull Insurance

Sailing smoothly through the rough waters is made easy by Askari Marine Hull insurance. It fits most vessel sizes from tugs through to supply ships.

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