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To help keep your operations aloft, our aviation professionals will work with you to provide customized coverage options that can help minimize risks and maximize safety. Askari Aviation Insurance, unlike other classes of property insurance, is a very specialized class of insurance and requires careful underwriting techniques and risk mitigation steps to ensure that aircraft owners, operators and even the users get the indemnity should the unforeseen occur. We have some special policies on Aviation businesses specially drafted to meet the needs of all those involved with aviation industry.


A general purpose aviation product covering the hull of the aircraft together with crew, passenger and public liability. This policy is suited for small aircrafts which used for personal and business purposes, either on charter or as a training facility.


A specific liability policy covering the operators or owners of commercial lines for their liability to passenger and general public. Any aircraft accident could result in loss of human life and property and it is the legal requirement for all aircraft owners and operators to carry this insurance in order to ensure that compensation is available to persons or families affected by any accident or negligent act, etc.


A material damages policy covering any accidental and unforeseen loss or damage to the hull of an aircraft.


Ground Handlers are the companies providing a number of services to aircrafts while they are at airports. Such services include loading and unloading of cargo, boarding and alighting of passengers to and from the aircraft, janitorial services, technical and maintenance services including hanger services, etc. All such services run the risk of causing damages to the aircraft itself or any negligence on their part could result in a liability claim. This policy caters to all such contingencies.


Due the high risk profile, the aviation industry works with strict controls to ensure highest levels of precision and perfection. One such control is the licensing of most of the professional, such as pilots, cabin engineers, etc. who have to renew their licenses after strict follow-up on health. Any mental or physical impairment due either to disease or accident leading to suspension of license is indemnified on account of lost earnings up to the sum insured or the required limits.