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Agico is sponsored by and is a daughter concern of the trusted Army Welfare Trust (AWT) which itself is engaged in the business of Finance, Information Technology and Production of Consumer Goods and Services. AWT successfully acquired 27.18% shares of agico through open market purchase from the Askari Bank Limited in Oct, 2015. Consequently, AWT now holds 59.18% shares of the company by virtue of which it is now a subsidiary of AWT

AWT enjoys a proud history. With diversity in business, it has established a reputation as a leader in the corporate sector. The AWT Group's business history and efforts have been of perseverance, innovation, business acumen. Going beyond the frontiers in investments, insurance, agriculture, cement, pharmaceuticals, leasing, energy, information technology and many other fields is the hallmark of only AWT. The AWT has as many as 23 different business entities working under its fold making them sister concerns of agico.