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Askari Engineering insurance fully comprehends that all constructions, erections and installation work contain elements of risk, be it by the nature of the work to be carried out, by the contractual liability or be it by the perils of the location. With covers that entail a broad range of technologies and industry sectors, we have the knowledge to show you how, together with Askari Engineering, you can stay ahead of emerging risks.
With a firm footing of decades of experience, Askari Engineering is one of the market leaders in identifying and underwriting the evolving engineering risks. Through continuing our tradition of excellence in technical knowledge and commitment to clients in a wide range of industries we ensure to provide our clients with the coverage they can rely on.
Askari Engineering Insurance offers both Renewable Covers i-e those covers which are issued for one year and are renewed on expiry for the next year and the non-renewable covers which are project based and are issued once only for the life of project.