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Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

Askari Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance cover you from the heavy losses incurred on the grounds of boiler or pressure vessel explosion. Askari Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance is a very specialized policy product which has been devised for machinery and apparatus using pressure as a vehicle for heat and or power generation. Keeping in view the potential for damages which could occur should there be an explosion, a special coverage on third party personal and property liability and damages to surrounding property is also available as part of the policy.


  • Damage (other than by fire) to any boiler or pressure vessel described in the Schedule and to other property of the Insured.
  • Liability of the Insured at law on account of fatal or non-fatal injuries to any persons other than the Insured’s own employees or workmen or members of the Insured’s family, caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse as hereinafter defined of any boiler or pressure vessel.


  • Covers Boiler
  • Other parts of central heating system
  • Third Party coverage available


  • The textile mill owner’s or company having financial interest in the boiler.
  • The Industrialist / user of the Industrial boiler
  • The financial institutes who have an interest in the boiler


  • Insurance to cover, among other items, the extra cost of overtime and holidays rates of pay, express delivery or air freight in connection with repairs delivery or air freight in connection with repairs or replacement indemnifiable under the policy.
  • This Policy may also cover boiler auxiliaries such as feed pumps and other machinery on the premises.
  • Full reinstatement Cover


  • Proposal Form
  • Periodic inspection reports
  • Qualification of Boiler attendant
  • Value of Surrounding Property
  • Valid Boiler Fitness Certificate