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Askari Fidelity Guarantee Insurance protects the employer against the potential value of the misappropriation of company property by the staff. This policy covers the infidelity of the employees towards their employers by providing protection against financial consequences of their dishonest acts. The scope of our policy coverage is quite wide and includes misappropriation by the employees of business funds through fraud and dishonest acts to larceny (physical removal of any property with the intention of depriving the owners). The coverage makes good the costs incurred by the owner in initiating any criminal and legal proceedings against the dishonest employees.


The cover provided includes reimbursement for loss resulting from:

  • dishonesty
  • fraud
  • loss of property
  • loss from loans or trading
  • Committed by an employee for improper personal financial gain
  • Theft of property by computer fraud and the theft of funds from the insured’s transfer account at a financial institution are also indemnified
  • Defense costs, judgments and settlements are accommodated by the terms of the contract


Covers dishonesty, fraud and forgery, Best suited for companies .


  • Business Organization
  • Financial Institution


  • Dully Filled, Signed and Stamped Proposal Form
  • Job details and level of authority exercised by the persons to be covered.
  • Standard Operating Procedures