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Askari Health offers “Askari Group Health” a most comprehensive program that covers medical cost of Out Patients (OPD), hospitalization, surgical treatment, Maternity, Dread Diseases and Specialized Investigations. Askari Group health curtails the administrative and financial b u r d e n of re- imbursement on employers and relieve their people of the worries of bearing huge expense on planned or unexpected diseases, emergencies and accidents, surgical procedures, all maternity expenses and Out Patients expenses including medicines and diagnostic tests. The Benefits are Optional; You May Select One, All or A Combination from them.


  • All Categories of employees are covered up to the age of 60 years*
  • The employees’ spouses and children up to the age of 25 years
  • Dependent parents under special modules.
  • Daughters till the time they get married or employed


Hospitalization is Non Pregnancy Non Dread Disease Related

  • Both options available (Per Person per Confinement and Annual limits)
  • Indoor Treatment Expenses (includes surgical expenses , Anesthesia, O.T.Charges, Consultation Fee, Nursing Charges etc.)
  • Investigation and Medicines.
  • 30 days pre and post-hospitalization cost of Diagnostic Tests and consultations
  • Dressings is payable from the s am e hospitalization limit provided that the consultations/ follow ups are with the same surgeon


Following benefits are payable;

  • Pre and Post Natal expenses as per policy.
  • Gynecologist's Fee.
  • Labor Room and Operation Theatre charges.
  • Anesthetist Fee. Medicines.
  • Diagnostic Tests.
  • Baby Nursing Care.
  • Circumcision of a baby boy (as per policy).
  • D & C and D & E.
  • Cesarean Section and Complicated Deliveries /Pregnancies by and on recommendation of specialist only.


Enhanced separate coverage for following life threatening diseases;

  • Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
  • Coronary Artery By-pass grafting and Coronary Angioplasties.
  • Management of all type of Malignancies (Cancer)
  • Cerebro-Vascular Accidents (CVA- Stroke)
  • Management of Renal Failure (Kidney Failure)
  • Renal and other major organ transplants.
  • Major Burns.
  • Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Aids Complex. 10. Chronic Hepatitis “B” & “C”.


Enhanced separate coverage for following life threatening diseases;

  • Charges / fees paid to Registered General Medical Practitioner,
  • Homeopath or Hakeem and specialist consultation.
  • Prescribed medicines and treatments including surgical dressings,
  • Physiotherapy and acupuncture.
  • Laboratory and X-ray examinations, ECG, EEG, EMG, ULTRASOUND
  • And other diagnostic tests.
  • Dental Treatment except cosmetics (Braces, scaling, crowing and dentures excluded).


This includes benefits to cover cost incurred on highly specialized investigation on out-patient basis on recommendation of a specialist only, which does not require hospitalization. These include the following:

  • All Types Of Cat-Scan
  • All Types of MRIs.
  • All Nuclear Scans
  • Ercp (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography)
  • All Angiographies


Following are the benefits under ‘Dental Care’ cover;

  • Dental care is included in the prescribed O.P.D. Expenses benefit. (Annual Per family).
  • Dental Care includes
  • consultation and medicine,
  • Treatment of acute dental conditions and diseases of gums.


The variation in cost of each package depends on various factors;

  • Benefits/limits,
  • Options/covers
  • Number of employees and their dependents,
  • Ages
  • Health status of the