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Commercial vehicle ASK Motor insurance

Vehicle insurance is a growing trend now in Pakistan people are looking up to new ways to save money. Middle class can save more money using the next big thing in car insurance and exactly HOW? Well, we’ll let you know in a while but first you need to know the answers to below stated questions:

  1. Why is there such a need to acquire car insurance policy?
  2. What type of damages are covered in a car insurance policy?
  3. How much of the cost of maintenance is covered by my insurance provider?
Car Insurance in Pakistan is the fastest growing sector as it is compulsory for all the new cars. The insurance depends on the make and value of the car, province where the car is registered and the manufacturing year. As a result amount can be reduced by asking the insurer for No Claim Bonus (NCB) if no claim is made for insurance in the past years

Commercial vehicle ASK Motor insurance

The Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Pakistan covers accidental insurance for the drivers of the vehicle and the vehicle itself. Let’s guide you about the amount premium, the amount depends on the current market price multiplied by the depreciation rate fixed by the Tariff Advisory Committee TAC at the beginning of an insurance policy period. The questions above represent the major concerns usually asked by Pakistani customers before going into any such schemes and the major blockade in this way are new to the market groups who not only claim superficial returns and support services but fail to do so in the hour of need. Such stories are widespread in the Pakistani market against insurance another major issue is the Islamic view on such cases like how and why to acquire insurance policy which often turns out very confusing for individual who does possess any such links to accurate Islamic scholars who could guide them with updated knowledge of policies as a result they fail to learn what's best for them.

Get Ulema's Council Fatwa on General Insurance policies:

The vehicle insurance policy plans available in Pakistan are approved by the Ulema’s council with certifications. They provide individuals with the right guidance on their concerns about insurance plans. Let’s get back to the point on how much benefits are covered in case of an emergency. The next big thing in car insurance is the growing number of service points in the country. When an accident occurs an individual may quickly contact the insurance provider and share his location for immediate assistance. The policy provider will take care of all damages to your commercial goods. As a result losses will be covered and will provide your vehicle the required maintenance. In case you or the human element is suffering from any medical injury during the accident. Additionally the claims will be settled later and all your spending will be reimbursed for your peace of mind.

Claims Center equipped with Smart Card:

After accidental claims and services, the next big thing in car insurance is the support for maintenance issues. One may contact nearest garage listed with the policy provider for maintenance and other issues, as a result one may be covered against all his claims listed in the insurance policy. Almost all of the insurance claim centers are enabled with the smart card payment systems which can deduct payments out of your insurance package right at the moment. Car insurance in Pakistan is a not yet compulsory requirement for all new vehicles used for commercial purposes. The insurance companies have understandings with leading and growing automobile manufacturers and distributors. They offer their customers instant car purchase quotes. Car insurance plan is determined by a number of factors and the amount of premium increases with the rise in the price of the car itself. The claims of the auto insurance in Pakistan can be accidental, theft claims or third party claims. Necessary documents are required for claiming auto insurance in Pakistan, like duly signed claim forms, RC copy of the car, driving license copy, FIR copy document, original estimate and insurance policy copy.

Why do you need car insurance and what is the next big thing in car insurance?

Car insurance can help protect you from expensive services, sometimes devastating surprises and concerns. Let's say you're in a covered accident situation. As a diver insured with policy, you can get assistance paying medical bills, repair works, certain legal defense bills and more payments. Agents help protect you on the road. AGICO agents are here to advise you on important coverage decisions, answer any questions and help simplify your experience. They can help:

  • Find available auto discounts
  • Settle your coverage, at your request, as your requirement changes
  • Guide you through the auto claims process
  • Loss or damage by accident on road, fire, lightning, self-ignition, external explosion, burglary incident, housebreaking or theft, malicious act
  • Liability for third party injury claim/death, third party property right and liability to paid driver assistance
  • On payment of appropriate additional policy, loss or damage to electrical/electronic accessories etc