Wondering what it takes to get health insurance?

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Before we go deeper in to knowing what the best price of health insurance is in Pakistan, let us share exactly what a health insurance is. Health Insurance plan covers you against the costs incurred as a result of medical illness and accident.

Price of health insurance in Pakistan

When you choose to get yourself or your family members or employees health insurance plans, you must do a complete research about all insurance companies and compare their prices and their offers under those price plans. These days, if you need any information about any company or their product or service, you can simply search online and find all information on official websites. You can also choose to speak to any official representative of the insurance company and acquire details.

Price plans for health insurance

Different insurance companies offer different price plans and features for health insurance. The prices depend on what type of health insurance plan you want to get. For example, hospitalization benefits, maternity benefits, disease benefits, OPD Treatment and dental cover etc. The price for each type of plan also varies.


Most insurance companies have a lot of hospitals on their panel which offer cashless hospitalization, making it more convenient for users to avail the service with any cash transaction.

Maternity Benefits:

A lot of insurance companies cover maternity's prenatal and delivery expenses. This may also include OT, nursing, diagnostic expenses as per the policy being offered by the health insurance companies.

Disease Benefits:

Insurance companies cover your hospitalization expenses in case of diseases like sudden heart attacks, organ transplant, malignant cancer, major burns etc.

OPD benefits:

OPD covers your medical consultation expenses, your medication and diagnostic expenses like laboratory tests, reports, medicines and over the counter treatments.

Dental Benefits:

Usually, dental expenses are covered under your OPD plans which include dental procedures like surgeries and acute dental and gum diseases.

Getting and selecting a right health insurance plan may take a little effort but the right choice will ease your financial burden of all health related expenses.